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In 1979, several Communications teams in southern California began operations with GMRS radios on the Santiago Repeater.  

Licensing, organization, and system coordination was handled by the Southern California Communications Council (SCRC) through the Communications Systems Committee.  Under the watchful eyes of this committee, the system grew significantly in size and usefulness until November 1981 when all activities of this committee were suspended by the Council President. 

Repeater Users GroupIn early 1982, the Repeater Users Group (R.U.G.) was formed and licensed (KAD3271) to pick up the vital coordination required to maintain an effective GMRS system for Communications communication operations.  This association is composed of representatives from Communications teams that have GMRS operations in parts of California, Nevada and Arizona. 

In order to comply with changes on FCC regulations for the GMRS band concerning group licenses, we may have to stop using our KAD3271 call sign. 

You will need to identify your communications using your own GMRS call sign.

 Nothing else will change on our objectives or operations.

R.U.G. will:

1)    hold regular meetings to discuss GMRS operations related to the effective and efficient support of activities;

2)    allow representatives to discuss GMRS operations related to the effective and efficient support of activities;

3)    establish an easy-to-understand training program for GMRS users, and give authorization to members to use the RUG network of repeaters;

4)    strive to establish and maintain a dependable 24-hour GMRS monitoring program;

5)    encourage GMRS monitoring and promote it's integration with other communication methods;

6)    expand the usefulness of GMRS by exploring new ideas and concepts related to communications; and

7)    publish a regular bulletin or information sheet to keep members aware of local and/or national activities.

We encourage your cooperation and assistance with this association in support of the above-stated objectives.

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