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Welcome to CREST Communications

As a new member of our organization, it is our responsibility to:

  • Educate you regarding legal GMRS operations as authorized by the FCC.
  • Provide you with information and training regarding CREST radio procedures.
  • Ensure that your "on air" operations are legal and in accordance with all government laws and CREST guidelines, including proper licensing.

As an organization, we are very proud of our long history of legal,  coordinated and organized "on air" operations.  Our success is based on the training given to each and every CREST member before they initiate "on air" transmissions. 

We are a professional organization of civic-minded volunteers who desire to provide community service through communications.  We do this in a number of ways:

  • Established radio procedures regarding how to contact members of CREST and other members of other teams.  
  • Monitoring Activities.  
  • Repeater use and coordination by R.U.G. 
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Volunteering for civic events.

Training Officer -

As a professional organization, annual elections are conducted and the Communications Officer position is voted upon.  Individual members submit prospective names of candidates for the year-long position, and the candidates receiving the highest number of votes is elected into office.

As the Training Officer, it is their responsibility to ensure you receive the prescribed level of training for authorized "on air" operations.  Once this has been successfully completed, the Training Officer will submit your Unit Number to CREST Communications for official recognition as an announcement during the next available Monday Night Net. 

Frequently Asked Questions -

We have prepared a page on this web site identifying many of the common questions [yes, and their answers] asked by potential and new members.  Please familiarize yourself with these before you transmit on the radio. 

If you have additional questions, please make sure you share these with the Training Officer during your training.  After your training is completed, if you have additional questions, the Training Officer is an excellent resource. 

Last Updated:  2003-0826


CREST Communications
P.O. Box 395 
Corona, CA  92878-0395  U.S.A.
PH:  951-888-1046
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