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P  U  B  L  I  C     S  A  F  E  T  Y

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The California Highway Patrol, concerned about the misuse and abuse of the 911 systems, lists 7 tips for motorists on when to report.  :

  1. If you see a traffic accident;
  2. If you see a traffic hazard;
  3. If you see an intoxicated or reckless driver on the freeway;
  4. If you have a medical emergency;
  5. If you see a fire;
  6. If you see a distressed driver;
  7. If you see a crime in progress.

Emergency Survival Program

ESP is a public safety awareness campaign designed to increase home, neighborhood, business and school emergency preparedness with the overall goal of saving lives. ESP was developed by the County of Los Angeles in the mid-1980's. The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) and emergency management specialists from Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Ventura Counties, Southern California Edison, the Southern California Earthquake Center and the American Red Cross assist in the development of campaign materials and coordination of campaign outreach. ESP campaign materials can be found in over eight countries today.

SPECIAL BULLETINS                                    


Terrorism Terms 



EQ-Fact or Fiction



Survival Skills

Duck, Cover and Hold Learn First Aid First Aid         
Learn Not to Burn Learn First Aid and CPR First Aid Training and Supplies
Rescue Me    

Family Preparedness

Family Plan Earthquake Attack Plan Personal Medical Plan
Who's Taking Care of the Kids? Focus on Children Focus on Seniors
Preparing Your Mind Give a Gift of Life Brace Water Heater
Time to Practice Emergency Lighting Turn Ons and Turn Offs
Home Hazard Hunt Reducing Home Hazards Add Foundation Bolts
Hold Down the Fort Smoke Detectors  

Neighborhood Organization

Understanding the Threat Conduct a Meeting Inventory Resources
Update Emergency Supplies Reduce Hazards Learn Light Search and Rescue
Plan Your Drill Form Response Teams Assess the Damage
Provide Training Plan for Shelter  
Supplies & Sustenance
Emergency Food Emergency Water Freshen Up Water and Food
Emergency Cash and Documents Supply Storage Camping Out Earthquake Style
On the Road Again Car and Office Kits  
Tools & Equipment
Adjustable Wrench     Crow Bar                Fire Extinguisher     
Flashlight and Batteries Hand Tools and Leather Gloves Portable Radio and Batteries
Rope, Tape and Trash Bags Work Gloves and Sturdy Shoes  
Special Hazards
Floods Landslides Tsunamis
Earthquakes Volcanoes Africanized Honey Bees
Heat Wave Hazardous Materials Bomb Threats
Biological Threats Radiological Threats Chemical Threats
Wildfires Windstorms and Tornados  

You can go to ESPFocus.org for additional information

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