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2001 N E W S   &   I N F O R M A T I O N

HOT NEWS from us to you.

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  • 2002-0112:  Team Schedule for 2002 Updated  
    Got some extra free time?  If you've got the time, we may have an event for you.  
  • 2001-0831: Radios for Mexico - Trip "3"  
    Ten years ago an unusual project was started - collecting used two-way radios and sending them to Mexico for a second life...
  • 2001-0831: Team Crest Chosen for "Traffic Watch" Initiative  
    It's not always you can claim to be #1; but in this case, it happens to be true.  
  • 2001-0825: SET2001 is "huge" success; Public participated 
    After the official announcement of the emergency by Net Control, members of Team Crest began checking in...
  • 2001-0824: Local Radio Vendors Presented Awards  
    It's not always you can claim to be #1; but in this case, it happens to be true.  
  • 2001-0725: Silent Mic - Crest 42 / "Goody" Warren 
    It's always a tragedy when any team loses an active and contributing member due to ill health or loss of life...
  • 2001-0712: Unit 210 Receives Certificate of Appreciation 
    For his coordination efforts during our fireworks event
  • 2001-0707: Crest Team Visits Kings County Communications  On their way to Sequoia, Crest 94 visits Kings County Communications
  • 2001-0405: Summer 2001 "Mock" Emergency Planned 
    The simulation will feature a host of  "unexpected emergencies." 
  • 2001-0306: Event Coordinator Offers Appreciation
    Crest is proud to present our Event Report for the Laughlin Road Rally by Michael Greany, Crest Communications Unit 210.    
  • 2001-1015:  Silverado Canyon Watch Report  
    Special report from Crest 22/Gene regarding the activation on October 12th. 
  • 2001-0831:  Radios for Mexico - A Worthy Cause  
    Team Crest will be busy the month of September/2001 with their "Radios for Mexico" - to provide communications to emergency responders south of the Border.  
  • 2001-0831:  Team Crest Chosen for "Traffic Watch" Advertising Initiative  
    Crest Communications Team 4252 is proud to be selected by "R-E-A-C-T.org" to inaugurate their
    new "Traffic Watch" Program advertising campaign  
  • 2001-0430:  2nd Quarter "Communicationsivities" Now Available  
    Just in time for the 5th team meeting [Thursday, May 3rd], Team Crest makes it's team newsletter available for download.  Full of team news, local information, and a status report on progress toward fulfillment the team's 2001 goals, this issue is a "really good" read. 
  • 2001-0423:  Team Crest Successfully Completes "Traveland Chili" Mission   
    It was cloudy.  Then it was sunny.  Then it was cloudy.  Then it was sunny.  But the flexible crew of Team Crest, fully prepared,  "donned their vests" and went into the masses ....
  • 2001-0405:  Corona Communications Team Prepares for "Simulated" Emergency    
    Members of Crest Communications are now developing strategies for their planned August 28th simulated "mock" emergency.  
  • 2001-0306:  Laughlin Road Rally Event Coordinator "Thanks" Volunteers   
    When Crest Communications volunteers to handle communications for the Laughlin Road Rally, they send in their "big guns" to act as event coordinator.  Now, those same volunteers are given a public appreciation -- directly from the Event Coordinator. 
  • 2001-0129:  WPRT970 Granted to Communications International   
    After an exhausting effort by our own Crest 1/Bob, who is also Co-Chair of the Communications International Public Relations Committee, all teams are immediately authorized to use the WPRT970 call sign.  See "Documents of Interest" in our e-Pubs Library.  
  • 2001-0124:  Team Feedback Form    
    Now you can provide feedback while "on line" and send it directly to our team!  Quick, painless and very quick, this is your "direct link" into the Board of Directors.  
  • 2001-0105:  Team Crest Seeks "Traffic Watch" Volunteers  
    Monitoring the radio is a basic and fundamental responsibility of every Communications member.  But volunteers of Team Crest's "Traffic Watch" Program are a very special breed.  Now, they are asking for your help.  
  • 2001-0104:  The 2000 Laughlin Road Rally Pictures are "IN"   
    When Team Crest members took their annual "road trip" from southern California to Laughlin [NV], some members took their camera with them.  Now, some of those pictures are "IN" and they're available for you to see.  
  • 2001-0104:  Event Coordinator Guidelines    
    Are you a "first time" event coordinator, or looking for a place to "refresh yourself" about who, what, where, etc.?  Our Training Center has been updated with this new information.
  • 2001-0104:  End-of-Year Banquet Pictures   
    Volunteer members with Crest Communications and their families had a great meal and conducted their first annual "dinner meeting" at the Sizzler's Restaurant in Corona.  Special thanks to Crest 46/Tom for arranging this very special occasion and to Crest 1/Bob for making these pictures available so quickly.

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