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  • 1999-1005:  Team CREST Communications Resources - 
    As we approach the new millennium, CREST goes on the offensive with it's new communications trailer.  This newest addition to our arsenal is professional and is already Y2K compliant right off the trailer hitch.  Inaugurated at the Band Festival [1999-1002], we're very excited about our newest addition.  
  • 1999-1002:  Magnolia High School Band Festival - 
    There were bands, cheerleaders, and lots of loud music.  It was a sunny day and lots of happy (and very energetic) people came to compete in one of southern California's really great events - the High School Band competition.  They came from the North.  They came from the South.  (Well ... you know the rest.)
    [ Read about it here. ]
  • 1999-0926:  Fiesta de la Familia -  
    15,000+ people crammed into Fairmont Park in Riverside to spend a pleasant afternoon on a beautiful day celebrating the family. 
    [ Crest Communications was there. ] 
  • 1999-0917:  Crest Communications assists in Hurricane Floyd Recovery -  
    Crest Communications Unit 1 (Bob Leef) departed for Richmond, VA during the early morning hours to assist local Communications units and the American Red Cross with disaster recovery efforts.  
  • 1999-0309:  Communications OBJECTS To GMRS Changes -   
    Suitland, MD -- In February a serious threat occurred to providing help by radio.  In Docket 98-20, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed changes that while appearing to enhance publish use for emergencies and travelers assistance would probably have accomplished exactly the opposite.  
  • 1999-0214:  CREST Communications In the News -  
    Corona, CA  -- "Those guys were really the eyes and ears of the Police Department that day," said Corona police spokesman Sgt. Eddie Garcia. CREST Communications members had spotted three men fleeing and contacted the Corona Police Department.  
  • 1999-0208:  YEAR-IN-REVIEW Added - 
    Now you can easily see how busy we were in 1998 ... giving back to our communities.  CLICK HERE for our 1998 "Year in Review".  

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