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About our history -

CREST Communications, has played an ongoing, active and contributive role in southern California communications since 1978.  As a multi-service organization focusing on "service to the community," Crest Communications is:

  • Crest Communications;

  • the amateur club (part of ARRL),

  • Canyon Watch (citizens in the Silverado Canyon area of Orange County). 

Many of us are active with the Red Cross.  All members have direct radio contact to news media to provide them with useful traffic or emergency information for broadcast to the public.  All of these activities ... and others (see our Schedule of Events) focus on the community service aspect of radio communications.

In southern California, GMRS radios are installed in several broadcast news facilities, including KABC-TV.  During the day, Airwatch Clear Channel is one of the most active in answering Communicationser calls and broadcasting our freeway traffic tips.  We also handle communications for many fun and interesting community events, such as bike races, marathons, balloon festivals and parades.

Each CREST Communications operator is a radio operator committed to serving the public through volunteer communication.  Our membership of over 100 members assures users that someone will be at the other end of the line in times of need.  

CREST Communications
P.O. Box 395 
Corona, CA  92878-0395  U.S.A.
PH:  951-888-1046
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