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  • Q-1:  Are there specific radio procedures that apply when using the repeater?

Yes.  All Crest members are trained in GMRS radio operations and repeater procedures BEFORE they are authorized to begin communicating using their CREST unit number. 

  • Q-2:  Is my membership important to the CREST Team?

Absolutely.  If you need proof, simply check our news and events page as evidence of our commitment to providing services to our communities.  

The scheduling, coordinating and providing of services at the range of events covered by members of CREST Communications demonstrates not only their importance to the team, but to community organizations, as well.  

  • Q-3:  What is GMRS?
GMRS, or General Mobile Radio Service, requires users to be licensed by the U.S. Federal Government BEFORE using the authorized allocation of frequencies

GMRS operations are regulated under strict guidelines by the Federal Communications Commission [FCC].  

  • Q-4:  The GMRS forms look rather complicated.  Will I receive help from CREST if I apply for membership with your organization?
Absolutely.  In fact, assistance is one of the benefits of membership.  But, we take it one step further.  All CREST Communications members receive training on radio operations, information on frequency assignments and "hands on" practical training on broadcast procedures. 

The training program must be completed before you can be authorized to operate as a member of CREST Communications.  

  • Q-5:  Do I need to wait until I receive my GMRS license to "get involved" with the team?
No. You can help at events, assist to meeting, But you must have applied for the license before using any GMRS radio. You can apply for the license online at the FCC web site. No examination is required, only a $75 fee for a 5 year period, and your immediate family is also covered. It takes usually less than 2 weeks for the license to get to your home. 

The receipt of the license payment authorizes you and your family members  to operate temporarily your radio. 


Since your family is automatically licensed 
for GMRS when you get licensed, 
why don't you have them join CREST Communications too?

Once your application to CREST has been approved, you will be assigned a Unit Number.  Your CREST unit number qualifies you for our Training Program.  

Once the training program has been successfully completed, a radio announcement is made to the R.U.G. membership on our Monday night "net" recognizing your efforts and introducing you to other REACT/R.U.G. members.  Only then can you "key the microphone" and being using your GMRS radio.

Following that public announcement, you can begin using GMRS under strict guidelines.  Because we follow all Federal Communications Commission [FCC] rules & regulations, no

Transmitting on a GMRS radio without a license is illegal and unauthorized. 

  • Q-6:  I have a "ham" radio license.  Can I use it for GMRS?
No.   According to FCC rules governing GMRS operation, only a GMRS license qualifies an operator to use a GMRS radio

If you have an amateur radio (HAM) license, it helps our team extend it's range of services and provide additional coverage that might not be available using GMRS.


CREST Communications
P.O. Box 395 
Corona, CA  92878-0395  U.S.A.
PH:  951-888-1046
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