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2001 Traveland Chili Cook-Off
April 21, 2001
Event Coordinator:  Crest 46 - Tom
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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA  --  It was a partially-cloudy day as volunteer communicators with Crest Communications - Team 4252 woke up from their sleep.  The weather was very prominent on their minds.  Cloudy weather frequently means rain, and   
Traveland U.S.A.
Our first event of the 2001 Year.
The weather cooperated, and
just like that ... it was over!!
Crest 95/Mark made sure the
umbrella stayed up while he
"manned his post" at the entrance
to the event!! 

He also provided "roving" patrol
on his bicycle.
Crest 107/Dave made sure that
no one moved any of the 
cones and "stood at the ready"
in case he was needed.  
Crest 46/Tom (L) and 
Crest 85/Mike (R) assume "planning
and strategy" responsibilities!!
Crest 37/Anthony "mingled" to make
sure the crowds stayed calm. 
Crest 89/Rob pauses for a moment
during his "roving patrol" duties.

He also drove from Glendora to
Corona, picked up Crest 95 & his
bicycle, and took them to the event.

Afterwards, he took Mark home.
Crest 38/Sal, Crest 85/Mike and
Crest 46/Tom "on duty" at the
Crest 79/Kevin as he returns 
from a heavy-duty
roving patrol area.

Doesn't he look totally exhausted!!

What dedication!!
Crest 23/Claude and
Crest 36/Steve as they
"take a break" for this
photo opportunity.
Crest 56/Renauld "at the
ready" for whatever the crowds
might throw at him.

He survived to see yet
another day!! 
Advertising is important.

Let's see .... does this
banner "get your attention."
Special thanks to:
|  Crest 23/Claude  |  Crest 36/Steve  |  Crest 37/Anthony  |
  Crest 38/Sal  |  Crest 46/Tom  |  Crest 56/Renauld  |
|  Crest 79/Kevin  |  Crest 85/Mike  |  Crest 89/Rob  |

Not Pictured:
Crest 25/Ed and Crest 210/Michael

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