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We welcome the opportunity to "show our stuff" and demonstrate our
commitment to your event's success using our professional membership and team resources.  In order to ensure our involvement goes smoothly, an event coordinator is assigned to each and every event.  

The event coordinator is your link to our team's arsenal of resources.  Each event coordinator has experience in assessing the communications needs based on your your pre-event planning requirements.  If you have never planned an event before, we can assist you with communication assessment and resource deployment to assure your communications needs are satisfied and your event is successful.  

Here are some basic event coordinator responsibilities:

  • Attend pre-event meeting to coordinate with other attendees or obtain pre-event planning information from the event planner.  
  • Assess the communications requirements based on geographic, coverage area, number of stations, traffic and/or parking control requirements, etc.
  • Determine the resource requirement based on pre-meeting information and communications criteria. 
  • Post an e-mail to the team news list advertising the event.
  • Ensure the event is communicated on the RUG Monday Night Net.  
  • Remind all event-designated resources to conduct pre-event preparation.  
  • Obtain resource commitments in advance of the event.  
  • Provide updated information to all who will participate at the event.  
  • Coordinate to ensure the arrival of all resources on day of event.  
  • Ensure event planner has radio contact with Team throughout the event. 
  • Assist with solving last minute event "challenges" using available resources at your disposal.  

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