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Welcome to the Crest Communications / Crest Communications Electronic Publications Download Page.  

These are designed to be downloaded and printed locally using a laser [or other] printer attached to your own computer.  

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 Paper Window Banners [PWBs] 

Each PWB is identified by a number [i.e. PWB1, PWB2, etc.].  After downloading the file, just open it using your Free Adobe PDF Reader and then follow the instructions already included when you print.  

In the near future, we'll be including an image that you can "click" on to see the PWB before you download it.  In the meantime, download them all!!  


 CREST-PWB [269Kb]:  Single ZIP file with PWBs 1, 2, 3, AND 4.  You'll need WinZip to "unpack" or "unzip" this file.  

 Team Membership Information 


  • This area is under re-construction and update (11/12/201)


  • "The Next Step" [57Kb]:  So you just received your GMRS license?  Now, as the song says, "Whacha gonna do?"  Team Crest recommends that you "take the next step" and investigate the benefits of being a licensed GMRS radio operator here in southern California. 
  • Team Monitoring Log WorkSheet [198Kb]:  This worksheet is in Excel format and has a space for each month during the year.  It also has an annual auto-calculating sheet that totals all of your hours throughout the year!!
  • RECRUITMENT BROCHURE:  This brochure has been divided into two files for quicker download time or to overcome download restrictions of certain internet e-mail software programs.  
      Coming Soon!
  • TEAM NEWSLETTER:  In an effort to reduce production and distribution costs, and provide maximum dissemination, our team now publishes our quarterly newsletter in electronic form.  
    2001-Quarter 1 [144Kb]  2001-Quarter 2 [148Kb] 
 Documents of Interest 
  • 2001-0825 [188Kb]:  Simulated Emergency Test / SET2001 Press release
    reviewing the "mock" emergency drill conducted by Crest on Aug 25, 2001.  
  • 2000-1009 [12Kb]:  Petition to Federal Communications Commission by Alan Dixon and Bob Leef to designate FRS Channel 1 as national calling channel.  
  • 2000-1208 [19Kb]:  FCC Public Notice regarding 2000-1009 petition. 
  • 2001-0129:  WPRT970 Issued to Communications International!!!  
    Effective today, Communicationsers throughout the United States can begin using the WPRT970 call sign.  The following documents are available for download:
    WPRT970-0 [24Kb]: Call Sign License Search Information Page  
    WPRT970-1 [12Kb]: Call Sign ID Information    
    WPRT970-2 [11Kb]: Call Sign Site Information  
    WPRT970-3 [22Kb]: Call Sign Frequency Information   
    WPRT970-4 [7Kb]:  General Guidelines:  
        [by Bob Leef, RI Public Relations Co-Chair & Crest Communications Unit 1] 

[ Event Sponsors ]:  

  • 2001-0522 [106Kb]:  "Taking Your Event to New Heights"  
    This brochure was prepared by our team to highlight some of our overall capability and to demonstrate how other event sponsors have made use of them when planning theirs.  

About the Adobe PDF Reader:  
The PDF [Portable Document File] is a safe, efficient way of distributing documents using the internet.  It is provided absolutely FREE of charge and is available for download at the Adobe web site.  The address is:

You must have the Reader installed on your computer BEFORE you can read any of the documents listed above.  You will only be able to view and print the document -- you won't be able to change it.  

Get yours today!!   

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